“Such signal, much wow”: Starlink’s first texts via “cellphone towers in space” (1 minute read)

SpaceX has successfully sent and received its first text messages using the T-Mobile network spectrum through one of its new direct-to-cell satellites. The new satellites are expected to provide text messaging services around the world sometime this year, with voice and data services beginning sometime in 2025. They are equipped with custom silicon, phased array antennas, and advanced software algorithms. The satellite-to-phone service should work just about anywhere on the planet, but it will be most useful in areas with no coverage due to terrain limitations, land-use restrictions, and other factors.

Google challenges cloud rivals by making it free for customers to transfer data when they leave (2 minute read)

Google's cloud unit will stop charging data transfer fees when customers want to leave. The change applies to all customers globally. Data transfer fees are a profitable source of revenue for tech companies and they can reduce churn as they punish clients for going elsewhere. Google is part of the Bandwidth Alliance, a group of companies whose aim is to reduce or eliminate data transfer fees. Alibaba, Microsoft, and Oracle are also members of the alliance.

The golden age of Kotlin and its uncertain future (9 minute read)

If Kotlin doesn't make a significant move by 2025, its popularity will decline and reach a critical point.

How Threads will integrate with the Fediverse (38 minute read)

The Fediverse consists of small social networks that can be hosted by an individual or company whose users can communicate and interact with users on other similar networks. This article details how Meta plans to integrate Threads with the Fediverse. Meta engaging positively with its user base is difficult due to its size. Integrating with the Fediverse will let Meta step back and focus instead on engaging with organizations that represent the interests of the Fediverse.

remoteStorage (GitHub Repo)

remoteStorage combines the localStorage API with a remote server to persist data across browsers and devices. It allows apps to easily read and write data on the fly while maintaining state across browsers and devices. remoteStorage features a simple API and it works with all JavaScript frameworks.

Triplit (GitHub Repo)

Triplit is a database that syncs data between servers and browsers in real time.

New solid state battery charges in minutes, lasts for thousands of cycles (4 minute read)

Researchers at Harvard John A. Paulson SEAS have developed a new lithium metal battery that can be charged in minutes and lasts at least 6,000 charging cycles. Lithium metal batteries offer far better energy density and much lower weight than their lithium-ion counterparts. The team has a list of other materials that could potentially yield similar performance. The technology has been licensed through a Harvard spinoff company that has scaled it up to build a smartphone-sized pouch cell battery.

Ask HN: Why am I suddenly unemployable? (Hacker News Thread)

People with a lot of coding experience and good referrals are suddenly finding it hard to get employed. The job market has been difficult for many job seekers. It appears that companies are looking for very specific skills. The market is much slower than it was between 2020-2022. Several commenters in this thread provide CV and job-searching advice for those struggling to find work.

AI Sleeper Agents (13 minute read)

A deeper look into a recent study where researchers tried and failed to remove 'sleeper agents' from AI.

Apple hits “all-time high” smartphone market share, takes #1 spot for 2023 (2 minute read)

Apple was the number one smartphone OEM in 2023. It had a 20.1% market share for the year, a 3.7% growth over 2022. Apple's best-selling phone, and the best-selling model in the world, was the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The company's cheapest phone, the iPhone SE at $429, didn't sell well. Apple's market share is fueled by aggressive trade-in offers and interest-free financing plans.

OpenAI Changes Its Stance, Announces That It Is Working With the Pentagon (2 minute read)

OpenAI has announced a partnership with the Pentagon. The company's usage policy previously banned activities like weapons development and military use and warfare, but it recently updated its policies to remove the part about military use and warfare. OpenAI and the Pentagon are working on cybersecurity software and are in discussions about how OpenAI's technology could assist with preventing veteran suicide.

CEOs say generative AI will result in job cuts in 2024 (2 minute read)

A quarter of global CEOs expect that generative AI will lead to a headcount reduction of at least 5% this year. Media and entertainment, banking, insurance, and logistics are the industries most likely to be affected by job losses due to cutting-edge AI tools. Engineering, construction, and technology firms are least likely to anticipate cuts because of automation. With AI, executives are most worried about the cybersecurity risks and the spread of disinformation.

U.S. Developers Can Now Offer Non-App Store Purchasing Option, But Apple Will Still Collect Commissions (4 minute read)

Developers in the US iOS App Store are now able to direct customers to a non-App Store purchasing option for digital goods. Apple plans to continue collecting a 12% to 27% commission on content bought this way. Developers who want to offer alternative payment options need to apply for a StoreKit External Purchase Link Entitlement. Details about the specific rules for Entitlement Links are available in the article.