10-second voice test shown to detect type 2 diabetes (3 minute read)

A recent study suggests that a 10-second smartphone voice recording may be able to deliver an on-the-spot diagnosis for type 2 diabetes. The pitch and intensity of the recordings differ in a consistent manner between diabetic and non-diabetic people. The scientists in the study created an AI-based program to analyze voice recordings. The system was 89% accurate at identifying type 2 diabetic women and 86% accurate at spotting diabetic men.

Vectorpea (Website)

Vectorpea is an online tool for vector graphics. It was created by the same developer that created Photopea. Users can create new projects straight from the interface or upload content to work on. Vectorpea supports a wide range of file types and several cloud storage services.

Free Certifications (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a curated list of free courses and certifications. We’ve added too many layers of abstraction.

‘Reddit can survive without search’: company reportedly threatens to block Google (3 minute read)

Reddit may block search crawlers if it can't reach deals with generative AI companies to pay for its data. More than 535 news organizations have opted to block their content from being scraped by AI companies. X's new reading limits are due to data scraping by AI startups.

What Every Developer Should Know About GPU Computing (19 minute read)

GPUs were designed for massive levels of parallelism and high throughput at the cost of medium to high instruction latency. It's essential for every software engineer today to possess a basic understanding of how GPUs work because of their pervasive use in deep learning. This article aims to provide that knowledge. It delves into how graphics processors work at a very detailed level and provides resources for further learning.

Thanks to AI, the future of programming may involve YELLING IN ALL CAPS (3 minute read)

OpenAI's prompts reveal many quirks about prompt engineering. For example, the prompts use 'please' a lot and important instructions are often all capitalized. Capitalizing instructions likely works as the models were trained on huge numbers of examples where responses clearly paid more attention to capitalized sentences. This could result in a future where people shout at their computers to get them to work better.

We have used too many levels of abstractions and now the future looks bleak (8 minute read)

Abstractions are nice and they generally improve quality of life, but they result in less understanding about the technology under the hood.

The Wait Equation and AI Investment (4 minute read)

The wait equation evaluates whether it is more advantageous to launch an interstellar mission immediately with existing technology or delay until advancements enable faster travel. The same idea applies to investment in any fast-changing field. A build vs buy decision is not as simple as looking at vendors and deciding whether their cost is less than the cost to build. Sometimes, the market will eventually produce a solution that meets your needs.

Google is ready to fill its AI searches with ads (3 minute read)

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said during the company's earnings call that users will start seeing experimental ad formats debut on Search Generative Experience in the coming weeks and months.

California DMV immediately suspends Cruise’s robotaxi permit (4 minute read)

Cruise's robotaxi permit was suspended as the company allegedly withheld video footage from an ongoing investigation with the DMV.