Tesla releases official API documentation to support third-party apps (4 minute read)

Tesla has officially released API documentation to support third-party apps after years of operating with an unofficial API. The API is still geared toward fleet management, but it could be the first step in creating a healthy app ecosystem. All third-party apps will have to go through Tesla's new API starting next year. The introduction of an official API was likely related to Tesla's recent release of in-car fleet management and rental software with Hertz.

OpenAI has quietly changed its ‘core values’ (1 minute read)

OpenAI's new core values put a greater emphasis on the development of artificial general intelligence, saying that anything that doesn't help with that is out of scope.

OpenAI has already surpassed $1.3 billion in revenue (3 minute read)

OpenAI may soon command a $90 billion valuation.

Turbulence free flights are coming soon! (38 second video)

This video from Turbulence Solutions shows a demo of its turbulence-free flight technology. It shows the difference between turbulence levels with the technology turned on and off. The video ends with footage of a piloted plane using the technology and graphs showing the difference in turbulence levels.

Why We Don’t Ship Software as Fast as We Used To (9 minute read)

Software development used to be much faster. However, software is not as simple as it used to be. A lot of the complexity in today's software is invisible. This complexity is required just to meet today's baseline expectations. Slower development isn't necessarily worse - it's just what happens when projects get bigger and more people are involved

YouTube is cracking down on adblock users: pay or disable (4 minute read)

YouTube appears to be constantly changing its ad-blocking detection scripts. The ad-blocking community has been working on ways to defeat YouTube's anti-adblock feature, which alerts users with pop-ups and interrupts the viewing experience. Many people use ad blocking to restrict exposure to trackers, spyware, and other privacy-intruding scripts. This article shares several ways for users to bypass YouTube's anti-ad blocking efforts.

MemGPT (GitHub Repo)

MemGPT allows developers to create perpetual chatbots with self-editing memory. It intelligently manages different memory tiers in LLMs to effectively provide extended context. MemGPT knows when to purchase critical information to a vector database and when to retrieve it later in the chat, enabling perpetual conversations. Examples are available in the repository.

After ChatGPT disruption, Stack Overflow lays off 28 percent of staff (2 minute read)

Stack Overflow's CEO says that the company is on a path to profitability and continued product innovation.

Why Is the Frontend Stack So Complicated? (3 minute read)

There's no universal import system and there are too many layers of minification, uglification, and transpilation, wildly different environments, an overemphasis on file structure, too many tools, and too many steps between code and deployment.

This startup CEO claims he can completely decarbonize the cement industry (3 minute read)

Brimstone Energy is trying to reduce carbon emissions from the production of cement by using calcium silicate rock, which contains no CO2. It will use a patented technology to remove the calcium from the rock. The company has received certification that its product is essentially the same as Portland cement. Its technology produces cheaper cement than what is currently available. Brimstone hopes that its process will lead to the industry using a fully decarbonized system.

FTX execs blew through $8B — testimony reveals how (6 minute read)

FTX executives spent $8 billion worth of customer funds on real estate, venture capital investments, campaign donations, endorsement deals, and a sports stadium. Former senior FTX executive Nishad Singh's testimony provided details about exactly where the money went. Singh says that there was a coding error that prevented the correct accounting of user deposits by around $8 billion.

The Impact of ChatGPT on Programming Education (18 minute read)

This page presents the results of a survey on the impact of ChatGPT on program education with over 10,000 respondents.

System Design 101 (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a guide that explains complex systems using visuals and simple terms. It is designed for people preparing for a System Design interview or those who want to simply understand how systems work beneath the surface. The guide covers communication protocols, CI/CD, architecture patterns, microservice architecture, payment systems, and more.