Reddit files to list IPO on NYSE under the ticker RDDT (4 minute read)

Reddit has filed an IPO with the SEC after a yearslong run-up. The social media site plans to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RDDT. This will be the first major tech IPO of the year and the first social media IPO since Pinterest went public in 2019. Reddit had $804 million in annual sales in 2023, up 20% from the previous year. Its core business is reliant on online advertising sales from its website and mobile app. Reddit moderators will be allowed to participate in the IPO through the company's directed share program.

OpenAI’s Sam Altman Revealed as One of Reddit’s Biggest Shareholders (3 minute read)

Sam Altman controls an 8.7% stake in Reddit - 4.5% of its Class A shares and 9.3% of its Class B shares.

First private Moon lander touches down on lunar surface to make history (6 minute read)

Odysseus landed successfully on the Moon on 22 February. Built by Intuitive Machines, Odysseus is the first private lunar lander and the first US lunar lander since 1972. It is currently around 300 kilometers from the lunar south pole, an area that may contain ice. The lander experienced a malfunction that required a software patch hours before landing. It will collect data for up to seven days until night falls at the landing site.

PGlite (GitHub Repo)

PGlite enables developers to run Postgres in the browser, Node.js, and Bun without any other dependencies.

Reddit Warns That r/WallStreetBets Could Wreak Havoc on Its Stock Price (3 minute read)

Reddit has clearly listed one of its subreddits on its S-1 form as a possible risk to investing in the company.

Meta's new LLM-based test generator is a sneak peek to the future of development (10 minute read)

Meta's new test generator recommends fully-formed software improvements that are verified to be both correct and an improvement to current code coverage.

AI won't eat your job, but it will eat your salary (16 minute read)

Humans may not be able to command a skill premium once they are augmented by AI.

Peering through Lenovo’s transparent laptop into a sci-fi future (7 minute read)

Lenovo's ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop is a 17.3-inch notebook with a see-through screen. Its bezel-less MicroLED display offers up to 55% transparency when its pixels are set to black or turned off. The display becomes less and less see-through as its pixels light up. Due to technical challenges, the laptop's display resolution is only 720p and it is not currently possible to manually set the whole laptop screen to be opaque. The laptop has a flat touch keyboard as its base that is also designed to work as a drawing tablet. Pictures of the device are available in the article.

Decoding Apple's Ploy To Scuttle Progressive Web Apps (24 minute read)

Apple plans to stop supporting Progressive Web Apps on March 6. The EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA) mandates that Apple must allow competing browsers on its App Store. Apple's response to this is to geofence browser choice and kneecap web apps. This choice will break many apps across the EU, affecting schools, governments, startups, gamers, and more. None of this is required by the DMA, despite Apple blaming its decision on the law. By doing this, Apple is cementing a future where the mobile web will never be permitted to grow beyond marketing pages for native apps.

Jensen Huang says kids shouldn't learn to code — they should leave it up to AI (4 minute read)

Huang says that AI will allow programming languages to be replaced with human language prompts, thus enabling everyone to be a programmer.

After a decade of stops and starts, Apple kills its electric car project (2 minute read)

Apple has reportedly ended work on its electric car project. It will shift some of the staff to work on generative AI projects while laying off others. Project Titan, which had been in development for 10 years, was originally going to be a car with a luxurious limo-like interior and robust self-driving capabilities. Its ambitions were scaled back after multiple changes in direction and leadership. The project faced high startup costs and a difficult regulatory environment, making it hard for the company to find the profit margins it hoped for.

Why time seems to pass faster as we age (5 minute read)

The brain is a prediction device that likes to pay attention to what's new and surprising - new surprises come less often as we age, so the brain notices and memorizes less as well.

China breakthrough promises optical discs that store hundreds of terabytes (4 minute read)

Researchers in China have developed an optical disc that can store up to 200 terabytes of data.

Man in remission from blood cancer and HIV after remarkable treatment (4 minute read)

A Californian man who contracted blood cancer while living with HIV is in remission from both. The patient's treatment involved receiving a transplant of stem cells with a rare genetic mutation that provides resistance to HIV. The treatment targeted the blood cancer - HIV resistance was an extra benefit. The patient is the fifth person ever to overcome both illnesses.