Meta's battle with ChatGPT begins now (5 minute read)

Meta's AI assistant is being integrated into search boxes within its apps. It will start appearing directly in the main Facebook feed and users can chat with it using Meta's messaging apps. The assistant is also accessible via a standalone website. It runs on Meta's new Llama 3 model, which outperforms competing models of its class on key benchmarks. The assistant integrates real-time search results from both Bing and Google and can generate images.

Mark Zuckerberg - Llama 3, Open Sourcing $10b Models, & Caesar Augustus (74 minute read)

This is a transcript of an interview with Mark Zuckerberg that covers Llama 3, open sourcing towards AGI, custom silicon, synthetic data, energy constraints on scaling, Caesar Augustus, intelligence explosion, bioweapons, $10b models, and much more.

China Orders Apple to Remove Popular Messaging Apps (6 minute read)

China has ordered Apple to remove some of the world's most popular messaging apps from the App Store in the country. WhatsApp, Threads, Signal, Telegram, and Line have now been removed from the store. Apple said it was told to remove the apps due to national security concerns. The messaging apps were only accessible in China through virtual private networks, but they were still commonly used. China's increasing censorship will likely result in more apps being removed from app stores over the coming months.

Tesla Spends Weekend Cutting Prices of Cars and FSD Software (4 minute read)

Tesla has cut the prices of its models across China, Europe, and the US. Full Self-Driving is now $8,000 in the US. In China, the revamped Model 3 is now 241,900 yuan (~$32,000), down from 245,900 yuan previously and the Model Y was discounted to 249,900 yuan (~$34,500) from 263,900 yuan. The cheapest Model Y in the US is now $42,990. Tesla is facing several challenges, including a recall of almost 3,900 Cybertrucks, sales drops, interrupted production schedules, and more.

How does ChatGPT work? As explained by the ChatGPT team (9 minute read)

When users ask ChatGPT a question, OpenAI chunks the question into tokens, creates embeddings, multiplies the embeddings by model weights, and then samples a prediction. This article explains this process in detail. It covers pretraining and inference as well as the system's limitations. Links to other resources that also explain how ChatGPT works are available in the article.

Has Llama-3 just killed proprietary AI models? (2 minute read)

Benchmarks show that Llama-3 70B matches GPT-4 and Claude Opus in most tasks.

U.S.-China Internet War Intensifies as House Passes TikTok Ban (8 minute read)

The US House has passed a bill, tied to a sweeping aid package for Israel and Ukraine, that may force ByteDance to sell TikTok if the Senate votes to also pass it in the coming days.

The Man Who Killed Google Search (14 minute read)

This article tells the story of how Google Search died and the people responsible for killing it.